Overall it's been a huge success. The show has been good for us commercially, it's been done well and we are proud to be the sponsors. The interest people have had in our new technology is phenomenal.

Torqeedo, David Hunter (05 Mar 2018)

The Thailand Yacht Show is important to us because it’s one of the critical shows in the region and we find it a great return on investment and we’re happy to support it. The highlight of the show was selling our iliad 50 on the 2nd day of the event which was our first launch to the public. We also received a lot of good interest in forward orders for similar and larger models.

Multihull Solutions, Andrew de Bruin (05 Mar 2018)

The Thailand Yacht Show is a very important show for us. This is the second edition that we've done, we're supporting the show, it's very well organised and it͛s a big event.

Leopard Catamarans, Kit Chotithamaporn (24 Dec 2016)

Lee Marine was delighted to play such a big part in the inaugural Thailand Yacht Show. We found the organising committee extremely pleasant and professional to deal with and very much look forward to the next edition.

Lee Marine, Josh Lee (02 Mar 2016)

If I had to describe the show in one word, it would be "spectacular". I recommend similar businesses to should join this event.

Illuzion Group, Mohammed (20 Aug 2018)

The Thailand Yacht Show was a collaborative effort with the highly experienced and energetic team and look forward to their future collaborative endeavours, […] starting with the TYS as the main platform.

General Tanasak Patimapragorn, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand (27 Feb 2016)

The whole show was a success. The surroundings, the public, everything worked really well this year. There was a lot of interest in our electric engines and the show in general.

Cholamark Boat Co, Hans (05 Mar 2018)

The time has come for Thailand to open its doors to the charter industry, and properly embrace the whole marine leisure scene […] The TYS has arrived at the right time, and is the right vehicle with which to go forward.

Burgess, Mark Woodmansey (01 Mar 2016)