Getting Around In Phuket 

Getting around Phuket is simple and you are never far from the sea at any point. Phuket is about the same size as Singapore, well connected to regional airports and a great destination for a business trip or vacation.


Most of the taxi are metered in Phuket, we recommend you ensure the taxi has an operational meter prior to starting the journey.

The pricing structure is 50 Baht first two kilometers then 7 Baht per additional kilometre. There will be a 100 baht surcharge if departure is from airport. Most hotels and resorts will provide an airport pick up and drop off service where you will be greeted at the arrival gate and ushered to a waiting car. 


You can easily rent a car if you would like to explore the island on your own. There are a number of local and international car rental companies operating in Phuket. For more information and booking click here

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