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The Thailand Yacht Show is set to revolutionise yacht shows in Asia. While most shows employ a static, “viewing only” concept, the 2018 Thailand Yacht Show will tear-up the traditional format and create a 360-degree experiential event that engages with visitors, VIPs, industry stakeholders and media alike, in a 4-day festival of on-water lifestyle and sport.

TYS 2018 will become an all-encompassing on-water festival of marine lifestyle and sport – the original vision for the event. And, with its immediate access into the idyllic waters of Phang Nga Bay, the reason for choosing Ao Po Grand Marina as the ideal venue. Working with partners in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and all around the region, organisers will host exclusive VIP programmes for guests to experience the yachting lifestyle.

Asia is a new market for international yacht builders and brokers; local interest in the marine leisure scene is rapidly developing. As the ranks of Asia's super-rich continue to swell, their members seek new leisure interests and ways to invest their wealth.

Our show exhibitors benefit from direct interaction with new millionaires and billionaires from the region, attracted to the yachting lifestyle and all that Phuket has to offer.

If you are interested in taking part of the third edition of the Thailand Yacht Show, don't hesitate to contact us at .

You can also download our Post Show Report to view the facts and figures of the successfull second edition. 

“We are here at the Thailand Yacht Show because it is an upmarket event that fits our upmarket image. TYS is the premier show in Phuket, and in the best possible location."

- Capt Mohamed Younis, Illuzion


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